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[Pinned] Force user Ranks
General Lore

[Pinned] Force user Ranks

The Force ranks of the Dark PathThe Imperator: The leader of the Dark Path and the person that signs off on every crucial decision. He functions as the leader of the Council and discusses all important matters within it.Besides holding the highest...
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General Lore

The Kursira

"The Kursira, a Harrower-Class dreadnaught, is a central part of the Order. Equipped with everything necessary, the battle cruiser is not only used for travel around the galaxy, but also serves as a temporary home for many of the Sith. Besides alw...
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General Lore

The Council

The Council is a crucial part of the Dark Path, and can at the most contain seven members. The ranks that are allowed on the Council:- The Imperator (the leader of the Council that has a final say on all matters)- Imperator's Will- Five other Coun...
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General Lore

Apprentice Info

General apprentice infoAmount of apprentices each rank is allowed to have:The Imperator: -Imperator's Will: No limit (usually has 1 or 2 apprentices)Council Member: 2Lord: 1Adept: NoneDisciple: NoneInitiate: NoneOnly Lords and higher are allowed t...
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