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Roll System

[Pinned] Our Basic Roll System

At the moment, we are using a very basic one dice roll system for our combat. This allows all new members to easily jump into all aspect of our roleplay without having to create a character sheet, enables us to have simple cross-guild RP and avoid...
Small Quph 40d
Quph159Small Quph 40d
Roll System

[Pinned] Rolls for Force Users

The Imperator: 1d10Imperator's Will: 1d15Council Member: 1d25Lord: 1d35Adept: 1d50Disciple: 1d65Initiate: 1d80
Small Urhâzoish Dâr (( Ira ICly )) 51d
Urhâzoish Dâr (( Ira ICly ))146Small Urhâzoish Dâr (( Ira ICly )) 51d
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