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At the moment, we are using a very basic one dice roll system for our combat. This allows all new members to easily jump into all aspect of our roleplay without having to create a character sheet, enables us to have simple cross-guild RP and avoids a lot of confusion. However, the system is not without its flaws, as it only relies on the ranks of the players and is generally very luck-based.

How to does it work, exactly?
To duel someone, invite them to a group and emote an attempted attack using the /e command. Once you have done that, use the /roll <insert your roll number here> command to roll a number. The other player responds by also using the /roll command (with the lowest roll winning) and emoting a hit or a defense (depending on the outcome of the rolls) + a counter-attack of their own. This continues until you or your opponent manage to land five successful hits, which declares the winner of the duel.

Example of a duel
- Player A invites player B to a group.
- Player B starts the duel by emoting and rolling an attack using the /e and the /roll commands, respectively.
- Player A rolls for his defense and then emotes the hit or the defense depending whether he lost or won the roll. No matter the outcome, player A also rolls and emotes a counter-attack.
- Player B follows in the footsteps of player A and emotes a hit/defense + a counter-attack. This continues until one of the players has successfully hit the other player five times, resulting in a win.

Rolls for all ranks can be found here and a guide on how to emote all lightsaber forms can be found here.

Additional information
- The individual with the lowest rank is always supposed to start the duel. If both players have the same rank, you can do an initial roll to decide who will begin.
- Sometimes when we're on a tight time schedule, the amount of required hits for a win will be adjusted to three. This will always be mentioned beforehand. Also, keep in mind that a high-ranking member of the Order that oversees the fight has the ability to step in and stop it, if he/she finds it suitable to do so.

Do not worry if you don't understand everything, as all new members will be instructed and learned to duel.
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