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Here's a to-do list of things me, Ser and Ur are working on or are planning to work on in the near future.

Tasks we've just finished:
- Re-decorate the FS and the GSH. (Ur and me)
- Post a guide on all the lightsabers forms. (me)
- Redo the ranks. (Ser and Ur)
- Write more information on the ranks of the Order. (Ur)
- Get the site a custom domain name. (me)
- Flesh out the lore. (Ur and Ser)
- Establish the backstory of Saddãl. (Ser)

Tasks we're currently working on:
- Plan a roleplay session with our sister guild, the Order of Dâr. (me and Ur)
- Write a better explanation of the guild's purpose and goals.

Tasks we're planning to tackle:
- Change the roll system or expand upon it. (?)
- Add more guides on roleplay, specifically on how to avoid bad RP. (me)

- Move the cantina on the flagship to a more suitable location.

Tasks we're continously trying to accomplish:
- Recruit more people. (everyone)
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