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The beginnings

The Dark Path is a secret organization operating under the banner of the Empire. Working in the shadows, the Dark Path primarily focuses on studying the dark side of the Force and its many hidden secrets. Now, 20 years after the Outlander first took control of the Eternal Alliance, the Order has once again opened its doors for recruitment...

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Dark Path is a newly revived heavy RP guild by Saddãl, Quph and Urhãzoish Dãr (Ur). The goal of the guild is to offer exciting story-driven roleplay in a casual and friendly environment. The story of the guild takes place a few solid years ahead of the SWTOR canon and concentrates on the dark side of the Force and its secrets. The guild is continuously looking to expand, currently searching for Force-sensitives, but possibly expanding to all ranks in the near future.

If you're interested in joining, message us in-game or join our Discord channel!